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Manage travel supplier payments with ease

An efficient payment solution that integrates directly within your workflow, enabling you to save time and earn additional revenue when making payments to your key travel suppliers.   

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Simplifying payments for Online Travel Agencies 

As an Online Travel Agency (OTA) your software needs to handle a high volume of payments to multiple suppliers each day to secure airfares, hotels, and car rentals. The speed, efficiency, and performance of your payment infrastructure impact your revenue and client satisfaction.

Traditional payment methods fail to provide the agility, scale and cost efficiencies needed with high scheme fees and charges, which erode profit margins. Often these methods result in a slow and manual reconciliation process, trying to retrospectively identify transactions made on a single card.

Edenred Payment Solutions provides a Mastercard® virtual card solution through API integrations to help OTAs make high volume payments, facilitate smarter reconciliation, and create new revenue streams.


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Streamline travel purchases and earn additional revenue

Quick and seamless integration

  • Use our APIs to support a high volume of transactions at speed, ensuring suppliers are paid on time.  
  • Developers can get started quickly by accessing the available guides and sandbox through our API catalogue to make implementation and testing simple. 

    Earn additional revenues

    • Get a share of card transaction volumes paid back to you in the form of a rebate.
    • Benefit from a tiered model which scales according to your volumes. 
    • Turn operational costs into revenue generating activities. 

      Benefit from transparent pricing

      • No additional fees, regardless of the volume of transactions. 
      • No fees for making payments in foreign currencies. 

        Reduce risk of fraud 

        • Single use VCNs can be issued to prevent fraud when making payments to suppliers online.
        • Cards can be blocked at any point in time through API.  

          Simplify and automate reconciliation

          • The system can be configured to generate a new virtual card number (VCN) for each transaction, making light work of reconciliation. 
          • Webhook notifications provide your accounting teams with real time visibility on card transactions and account activity. 

            Our product offering for travel


            Virtual payment cards

            Our flexible and robust APIs make it easy to embed virtual payments within your software. You can set parameters around number of transactions per card, set spending limits, and expiry dates. You also have the ability to restrict payments to certain MCCs (Merchant Category Codes) for greater control and spend management.   


            Company e-money accounts  

            Accounts issued are configured with either IBAN or Sort Code/Account number depending on region, so you can top up funds using SEPA or Faster Payments. You can set up notifications to be alerted when the account balance hits a certain threshold, helping you to better manage cashflow.   

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            Web portal 

            For travel networks and agencies, we also offer a portal accessible via web interface, which allows you to create and manage virtual cards, as well as giving you full visibility of transactions.    

            Edenred Payment Solutions adopted a flexible, agile approach to address the specific needs of our business

            Mathieu Nanni

            COO - BSP Auto (Voyage Reduc)

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