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Robust payment processing you can rely on 

Delivering trusted, in-house payment processing services for a range of transaction types, so you can focus on enhancing the user experience. 

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Flexible, reliable, multi-currency payment processing

Leverage over 15 years of experience with the Edenred Payment Solutions processing service. Our trusted industry experts, together with our comprehensive processing platform, help you overcome the complexity of card and payment management. 

Save time and money with our diversified, all-in-one processing platform. Equipped to handle the end-to-end card transaction lifecycle and support banking flows, the platform is connected to scheme gateways and sponsor banks, eliminating the need to integrate with third parties.

Be confident in your payments and pass this confidence along to your customers by supporting your product with a highly reliable processing platform that ensures high service availability, minimal downtime and consistency in performance.   

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We knew that Edenred Payment Solutions offered industry-leading technology, have enormous credibility in the space, and could deliver at pace in line with our goals.

Oli Cook

CEO and Co-founder, ekko

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Power payment experiences with our configurable building blocks


Inclusive, all-in-one processing

We support the processing of multi-currency and multi-lingual transactions and manage card authorisation, clearing and settlement, helping you reduce operational burden. 


Real-time delegated authorisation

Maintain control over your payments with delegated authorisation the feature that enables external parties to make authorisation decisions in real-time. 


Flexible spend controls

Design the perfect solution to suit your product requirements with flexible spend controls. Manage spend policies based on velocity, volume and time rules, configure merchant loops, and apply transaction limits.


Financial assurance against fraud

Get proactive support against fraudulent transactions with our in-house fraud management services. Alerting and transaction monitoring tools help to identify suspicious activity and enable you to implement appropriate mitigation. 


Highly resilient infrastructure

Provide your customers with a consistent payment experience with a system that’s secure, reliable and fully supported by primary and secondary data systems. 


Secure & compliant

Trusted by a host of big-name brands, our processing platform is PCI level 1 DSS-compliant and fully certified by Mastercard®, giving you the confidence that your payments will be securely processed. 

Discover the perfect solution for you

Trust our secure payment processing solutions and reap the rewards. Get in touch with the Edenred Payment Solutions team to find out more about our payment processing potential.

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