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Solutions to help you optimise the retail experience

With our flexible card processing, you can build a physical or digital product to help you drive customer engagement and revenue.   

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Deliver intuitive customer journeys 

With customers’ needs and expectations continuously evolving, retailers need to adopt a multichannel strategy to remain competitive.

Gift card products and loyalty schemes are a way for retailers to drive sales conversions and increase retention. Having these products in the right place, and in the right channels is essential to a successful programme. However, placing your programmes across all key channels, then building and maintaining the infrastructure that handles all the transactions, requires dedicated resources and technical prowess. Ultimately, all this drives attention away from your core retail operations.

With over 15 years of experience working with the retail sector, Edenred Payment Solutions has the industry knowledge to help organisations deliver a programme that seamlessly integrates within the customer journey.


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Design card programmes that meet your business goals

Enhance the retail experience

  • Give your customers convenience with a card programme that works across multiple retail outlets, creating a single brand currency. 
  • Increase customer engagement and influence spending behaviours through dynamic spend rules, controls, and limits.  
  • Reward loyalty and increase customer retention through promotional offers and non-cash currency offerings.   

    Enable omni-channel distribution

    • Support a direct- to-customer model and deliver your card solutions in-store or online.   
    • Easily integrate with third-party distributors and access more channels to unlock new revenue streams. 

      Rely on robust processing

      • Enable a more intuitive purchase and redemption journey that works consistently regardless of the transactions volume.  
      • Reduce complexity and cost by letting us manage the end-to-end process and integrations.  
      • Design a programme that works for your strategy with broad processing options.

        Easily migrate an existing programme 

        • We ensure quick and easy migration through our integration layer.
        • Benefit from minimal internal technical development.  
        • No impact to front-line retail operations. 

          Our product offering for retail


          Card issuance

          We support both physical and digital pre-paid products with digital wallet integrations to provide your customers with increased convenience. Benefit from our Mastercard® Principal Membership/BIN sponsorship and design Mastercard Private Label products that enable you to expand reach. Influence card usage by configuring spend controls such as merchant loops, transaction limits, and more.   

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          Flexible and robust in-house processor  

          Our platform handles a range of transaction types to support your business needs, with API integrations with third parties including Hemmingways, Tillo, Blackhawk, Incomm and Edenred. The platform can handle processing and settlement of card volumes at scale, able to meet demand during peak trading, with disaster recovery functions to ensure high availability.   

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          Data dashboards 

          Take strategic decisions to increase revenue and product penetration through reports and analytical software. As the processor, we are best placed to provide you insight on your product activations, top ups, and redemption by channel.  

          Discover the perfect solution for you

          Whether you are thinking of launching a new product or enhancing an existing one, our expert team are here to help you design and deploy with confidence. Get in touch today.

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