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Building financially inclusive banking experiences: How thinkmoney does it with Edenred Payment Solutions

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In the world of financial services, collaborations are fuelling innovation and enhancing the customer experience. So, we’re excited to announce our new partnership with thinkmoney, the UK-based e-money provider. Our tech and expertise will serve to upgrade thinkmoney’s card and account capabilities, providing customers with an even more seamless and advanced financial experience.  


Creating access and inclusion to financial products  

Established in 2003, thinkmoney is dedicated to providing access, equality, and inclusion to best-in-class financial products, services, and experiences to those that need it most.  
thinkmoney customers use their current accounts as a primary bank account, relying on smart budgeting tools to stay on top of their bills, and utilising the intuitive app for an easy-to-use digital banking experience. 
The thinkmoney team is passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of everyday people, building trusted relationships that bring added value and improved financial mobility. Their mission aligns with Edenred's commitment to supporting companies that make a positive difference.   


Elevating the customer experience through tech and payment expertise 

thinkmoney has long sought a payment services partner that could support highly complex integrations with no disruptions to their customers, while enabling the company to innovate its product range.  
With Edenred Payment Solutions on board, thinkmoney is leveraging cutting-edge API and tech stacks to improve its customer experience across all channels, offering real-time connectivity and modern digital banking services.

Under this new partnership, Edenred Payment Solutions will harness its decades-long tech and payments expertise to provide a range of services, from card processing and settlement, to screening of transactions and enhanced mobile wallet functionality.  

Michael Aldred, CEO at thinkmoney, emphasises the importance of Edenred Payment Solutions’ seamless integration with their existing tech architecture, as they navigate a highly dynamic and demanding market. Edenred Payment Solutions has already executed multiple platform integrations with thinkmoney’s existing banking relationships and to the UK’s   Faster Payments scheme, ensuring customers see no interruption or disruption to service as the platform evolves.

Thinking about future growth plans, thinkmoney values the stability and reliability that Edenred Payment Solutions provides as they look to scale their existing product range and expands into new markets.    


Edenred Payment Solutions are providing a key element of our component architected technology stack. The team has wide-ranging experience and expertise across products and project management, and being part of the wider Edenred group ensures that we have a   stable and reliable platform – which has 99.99% uptime. We need this dependability as we look to scale our existing offerings and expand into new product and market segments. It has never been a more exciting time to be a thinker!

Michael Aldred, CEO at thinkmoney


Joining forces for a positive impact

Edenred Payment Solutions' partnership with thinkmoney is an example of the transformative power of strategic collaboration. As we work together, customers can anticipate a more convenient, innovative, and inclusive financial experience. The partnership not only amplifies thinkmoney's capabilities, but also reflects Edenred's commitment to supporting businesses that drive positive change. 


We want to support companies who are making a positive difference, and thinkmoney is doing just that. Over its 20+ years in operation, thinkmoney has grown its customer base and brand largely organically. That’s a huge testament to its ability to help consumers manage   their money, and the clear need for its services. It’s great to be supporting a business with a passion for enabling greater financial mobility, by helping to upgrade thinkmoney’s platform to deliver a better experience for its customers. This partnership also acts as further evidence of how we can support large scale-ups, to help them grow steadily in the market and provide them with enhanced product functionalities.

Edouard Billion, General Manager at Edenred Payment Solutions


Collaborations like these are not just about technology and services - they're about empowering individuals to achieve greater financial mobility. Edenred Payment Solutions and thinkmoney's partnership is a clear example of how forward-thinking companies can join forces to create a more inclusive and advanced financial future. 

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