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Mastering embedded finance: How to choose an award-winning partner

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Unlocking innovation through embedded finance   

In a brand-new webinar, Karine Martinez, our Head of Sales, and our client Jinesh Vohra, CEO at Sprive, share insights about the rise of embedded finance, how to pick the right provider, and advice on building long-lasting relationships for business success.  

Key takeaways from the webinar:  

  • The embedded finance market is growing dramatically, and it’s predicted that it will be 10 times its current market size by 2032.  
    Businesses that want to enter this market – now it’s the time to take advantage of the benefits embedded finance offers.  
  • Efficiency and fast responsiveness are crucial for businesses to respond to consumer needs for convenience, personalisation, and tech-driven payments in a bid to remain competitive and maintain customer loyalty.
  • Embedded finance is gaining traction across different industries, from travel to retail and beyond. However, when integrating financial services within the user journey, businesses must consider their operational readiness to succeed in the embedded finance space.  

If you’re looking for your next embedded finance partner, or you’re just curious about how embedded financial services are driving innovation – this webinar is for you. 
Click below to watch it on-demand and get all the insights!  

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