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Gift cards 101 – How to deliver a gift card program fit for the future of retail

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Harnessing the power of gift card programs   

Alec Donald, our retail payments expert, sat down with Alisdair Cameron, Strategy Manager – Gift Cards & Energy, at Sainsbury’s, for a conversation all about the future of gift cards. During the webinar, Alec and Alisdair covered everything from strategic insights to design a scalable gift card program to how these initiatives can be used to enhance the customer experience.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • The format and usage of gift cards has changed significantly - From physical to digital and from simple gifting tools to budgeting essentials for consumers. Overall, gift cards remain a strategic advantage for retailers to acquire, retain, and re-engage customers.

  • It's crucial for retailers to integrate digital channels within the wider gift card strategy to keep up with consumers' changing habits, preferences, and needs. But modern tech is opening up many more opportunities for the retail gift card market - especially to gather insights into spending behaviour to make data driven decisions that will benefit both retailers and consumers.

  • The future of gift cards: In the coming years, B2B/B2B2C will represent a bigger portion of the gift card market offering retailers more avenues for product distribution. Leaders of the sector believe there will be more focus on creating product standards at industry level, to both influence consumer behaviour and protect against risks. 


If you’re ready to enhance, expand, and futureproof your gift card program – this webinar is for you! Click below to watch it in full on-demand.

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