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A guide to providing modern financial services

From the fundamental components of accounts, payments, and cards, to banking innovation opportunities

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Over the past few years, digital banking has been at the forefront of innovation in financial services. A growing number of fintechs have taken advantage of shifts in consumer behaviour and tech advancements, to launch modern digital banking products and services.   
This has enabled fintechs to cater to consumer demand for the personalisation of products, access to financial insights, and tailored services, which traditional banks find complex to provide as they operate with legacy infrastructures that are hardly flexible, requiring time and resources to adapt and modernise.  

Fintechs are renown for being agile, however companies looking to provide modern financial services need to navigate the complex interplay of processes, personnel, and technology, which requires considerable capital commitment, time, resources, and strict compliance with local regulations.  

At Edenred Payment Solutions, we support high-growth fintechs, to drive innovation in the banking sector, by providing tech and licensing capabilities to get products to market faster and with minimal effort. Fintechs become our agents and avoid having to wait up to two years to obtain an e-money licence from regulators, and use our flexible APIs to build their ideal digital banking products and services exactly how they envision them. 

Download the full guide to learn what it takes to develop and launch financial services and products, and how we helped companies like yours to successfully do just that! 

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